Scrape facts and figures from the web, view them on your wrist.

Turn any data from the web into glances or watch complications. Stay updated with alerts whenever things change.

Apple Watch is fantastic for keeping you up to date with key pieces of information, and alerting you when things change.

With Glancify you can now display ANY open and available fact or statistic from the Internet right on your Apple Watch.

Using the Glancify scraping tool on your iPhone, you can pull text from the Internet and turn it into a Glance or Complication on your Apple Watch. Simply tap on the text you want to capture, and Glancify does the rest.

Stay updated with latest headlines, prices, temperatures, results and scores. Glancify updates the data periodically in the background, or you can refresh on demand with a single tap.

You can also receive notifications via your Apple Watch when the content changes, keeping you up to date with the information you need in the the most convenient and unobtrusive way, all day long.